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Prof. Dr. Ulrich M. Gösele

In memoriam - friends and colleagues


Helmut Föll and Knut Urban, Frans Spaepen
Obituary (PDF)

This memorial notice was contributed by Helmut Baumgart, Chaired professor of  Electrical Engineering, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia; Cindy Colinge, Tyndall National Institute, Cork, Ireland; Tadatomo Suga, University of  Tokyo, Japan; Howard Huff, SEMATECH Senior Fellow, Emeritus, Austin, Texas; Bernd Kolbesen, University of Frankfurt, Germany and Patrik Schmuki, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany.

The obituary for Ulrich Goesele, which was submitted by Helmut Baumgart for publication in the Spring Edition of the Interface Magazine of the Electrochemical Society.

Obituary (PDF)
The Electrochemical Society Interface Magazine, Vol. 19, No. 1, Spring 2010 (PDF)

Hi folks!

That’s it at present. Howard Huff included in the Memorial Album delivered to Helmut in Vegas several other Gosele pictures, which you all already have good copies of. Huff especially likes the B&W 8x11 picture of Gosele!

Pictures one and two are from the GADEST MEETING, 1995 (the back of the first Polaroid picture taken by Huff says so). Pictures three and four are the same Gosele, July, 2009, from MPI Halle, sent to Huff by Foell, Huff thinks. Please forward this e-mail to von Ammon, Bernd, inasmuch as Huff has lost his e-mail address. Likewise, Huff has mis-placed all the cards received form colleagues during the ECS meeting in Vegas and, therefore, cannot copy the folks who delivered presentations during the Gosele Honor Session. Please, Helmut etc., forward as appropriate.

Picture five is the canonical picture, published in the ECS Journal of May, 2002 by Huff, celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the ECS. (Two persons who presented talks are not in the picture; these two folks are listed on the back of the original of this picture which was placed in the Memorial Album originally built by Huff (original picture to be returned to Huff at some point inasmuch as this enclosed memo has the same picture). Huff focused his article on the most recent fifty years, noting those who had played a seminal role in the scientific publications and implications for silicon materials and associated integrated circuit (IC) fab processing. Interestingly, the fifty years also corresponded to the fifty years from the commercialization of the point-contact transistor in mid-year or so of 1948.

Huff also has the video of Gosele’s talk, as well as the videos of all the persons noted, of their presentations. Huff’s suggestion as to how to transfer the five VCR tapes of all these Historic Session talks is noted below to Mary Yess, Associate Executive Secretary of the ECS. Basically, Huff desires to transfer a complete set of thefive VCR tapes to the Gosele repository in Halle, Germany, to be determined in its details.

Mary: During the recent October, Fall Meeting of the ECS in Vegas, you noted that you had a few extra copies of the 5-set of VCR’s corresponding to the oral presentations delivered during the Historic Session in Semiconductor Silicon, May, 1998. (?San Diego Huff thinks?) Would you please advise Huff if that is indeed the case. Huff would like you to forward one complete set (5 VCRs) to my colleague in Germany and the other to Huff. Huff will identify the exact person and address in Germany for you. You, of course, have Huff’s address in Henderson, NV.

Interestingly, Huff wrote Gunter Schwuttke’s article (Gunter proofed it, as he was quite sick, living in Scottsdale, AZ and Huff delivered the talk). Afterwards, Gunter told Huff that he had heard that Huff presented the talk better than Gunter would have! That was interesting, especially as the challenge was to note, in Huff’s eyes, what really were Gunther’s contributions! And they were indeed seminal, both scientifically as well as practically. Interestingly, Huff was at Texas Instruments at the time (1966 – 1978) shortly after Gunther had developed several of these diagnostic techniques in the early ‘60s; Huff utilized such generated knowledge in a very practical monitoring application prior to and during his five year stay in IC manufacturing at TI.

Picture six is a picture taken in the late 1990’s after Huff had presented a talk on something like the Development of the Integrated Circuit, at Stanford (and earlier that same afternoon at Chenming Hu’s class at Berkeley). The folks in the photo are: front row, Jim Early (who also utilized the bipolar transistor as a majority-carrier device, the bipolar junction transistor – BJT* in the early 1950’s - and also identified the phenomenon known as the Early Effect; Else Kooi, inventor of the LOCOS and other IC process technology procedures (Huff worked for Else during 1980  - 1984 or so at Signetics – owned by Phillips;  and John Moll, holding a replica of the bipolar contact-transistor device, who wrote the set of equations relevant to describing a number of bipolar effects; back row, Huff, Jacque …, who was the first employee at Shockley’s Semiconductor facility in Mountain View, CA and Jim Harris of Stanford (who works on III-V compounds, etc.).

Picture one
Picture two
Picture three
Picture four
Picture five
Picture six


Symposium: E 11, Semiconductor Wafer Bonding 11:
Science, Technology, and Applications-In Honor of Ulrich Gösele 218th ECS Meeting Las Vegas October 10-15, 2010, Las Vegas, Nevada
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PDF Semiconductor Wafer Bonding 11: Science,Technology, and Applications


Eulogy presented at 2nd Intl. IEEE Workshop on Low Temperature Bonding for 3-D Integration, Tokyo, Japan, January 19-20, 2010

This memorial notice was contributed by Prof. Cindy Colinge, Tyndall National Institute, Cork, Ireland and Helmut Baumgart, Chaired professor of Electrical Engineering, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia and Prof. Tadatomo Suga, University of Tokyo, Japan.

PDF IEEE Workshop Tokoy Goesele Eulogy, Jan 2010
PDF Eulogy Ulrich Gösele – final
PDF Eulogy Gösele Japan by Colinge revised

Impressions of Ulrich Gösele
Freiburg, 60th Birthday of Eicke Weber - symposium and party

Adolf Goetzberger, Helmut Gottschalk, Chris Kocot, Ulrich Gösele und Connie Chang
© Fraunhofer ISE, Photo: Roger Koeppe
Ulrich Gösele, Hans Queisser und Irmela Meng
© Fraunhofer ISE, Photo: Roger Koeppe
Ulrich Gösele und Martina Luysberg
© Fraunhofer ISE, Photo: Roger Koeppe
Ulrich Gösele, Jacek Baranowski und Maria Kaminska
© Fraunhofer ISE, Photo: Roger Koeppe

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